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Source, Inc. is a company incorporating vast intellectual property, powerful innovative technology and world class strategic partnerships. Source, Inc. operates a unique tracking technology which can be utilized in multiple applications involving real-time transactions, producing invaluable and actionable data and reporting for industry, merchants, issuers, governments and participants.

Tracking Non-Payment Cards

Source, Inc. Technology

How it Works

Through our partnership with MetaBank, Source Inc. uses various methods for information tracking for various types of transactions by attaching unique identification numbers to non-payment information tracking cards, payment cards, mobile applications, barcodes or smart chips.

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Our vision and goal is to produce Cause-Driven Commerce by piecing together the core business assets of Source, Inc. in a unique way where our vast intellectual property connected to our powerful innovative technology and world class strategic partnerships accomplish the mission of our company creating a very unique position in the marketplace.

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Strategic Partners

One of the most important strategic partnerships that we have is with MetaBank. Metabank provides general purpose debit and gift cards to about 1,000 credit unions that have over 10,000 branches. They have held the top position of being the number one largest stored value and gift card bank provider in the country.

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Typically, unique identification numbers are only used in the payment industry. For example, you may have a credit card or a gift card or a prepaid debit card that utilize unique identification numbers to accomplish various financial transactions. A financial institution can create rules around the unique identification numbers to identify credit limits, remaining value on a stored card, etc.