Q: What is the Source, Inc. technology capable of?
A: The Source, Inc. technology has the ability to apply multiple business model rules to track transactions that may cross over into several different industries. We are able to track prescription medication, barter transactions, loyalty transactions and tax transactions. We can create a new industry around this technology that has never been before possible.

Q: How is Source, Inc. connected to Help Worldwide, Inc.?
A: When Source, Inc. began in the loyalty business, we aspired to create a loyalty platform and a universal brand which had never been done. Our goal was to create not only a brand but a way to inspire people and awaken their souls to accomplish something we all want to do – to help fellow man. From this vision, the first coopetition universal brand platform was created that is all about cause-commerce, social economy, a rewards network that gives back. Source was able to accomplish this through the intellectual property which consists of patents that many companies are still infringing on. As a result, Source was able to lock up some significant strategic relationships, partnerships and agreements that make Cause-Driven Commerce real. With all those assets, the founders of Source, Inc. felt that the technology coupled with the universal brand “Help Worldwide” would be the ultimate method to give back to humanity in a meaningful way.

Q: Explain your patents. What do they relate to?
A: Our patents are related to tracking loyalty electronically at a merchant that is giving back any form of a reward. Rewards are generally paid in the form of cash and then converted to point systems that are used by the majority of loyalty programs in existence today. We have patents that relate to any form of tracking that has to do with loyalty whether it is a closed loop merchant, a discount merchant or a multiple merchant program. Additionally, we have other patents relating to how a loyalty program

Q: Regarding the patent lawsuits, was Source, Inc. the defendant or the plaintiff?
A: Every lawsuit that Source, Inc. has ever been involved in, Source, Inc. was originally the plaintiff. Generally whenever you file a complaint against a company their first reaction is to find a way to countersue in hopes to lessen the damages of the liability they have. Out of the last 50 lawsuits, only 5 of them countersued and in all lawsuits the companies’ settled.

Q: What is a Universal Tracking Identification Number and what is it used for?
A: A Universal Tracking Identification Number is a number that can be tracked at any point of sale terminal anywhere in the world. Once it read, the transaction is directed to our database so we know, for example, that a Universal Tracking Identification Number transaction occurred at a restaurant in Italy and so many Euros were spent at that location. This number is a universal number and can also be put onto a QR code, smart chip, barcode or cell phone. We also use a mag strip on the back of a card because today that is the most usable way to get access to the transaction directly from each point of sale terminal without creating difficulties or expenses for the merchant.

Q: Are Source (or Help) LPO's required to comply with PCI and/or CISP standards?
A: PCI compliance is not required of our Loyalty Program Operators.

Q: Does Source/Help provide access to an existing merchant network?
A: Yes, we are a coopetition loyalty platform, which means that any merchants brought into the network can be accessed by your members. However, we strongly encourage our LPO's to focus on building their own merchant networks

Q: Does Source offer web design and hosting services?
A: We offer our LPO's choices. We can provide a full-service solution through our hosted Flagship product, as well as a published API solution where we provide support services for your merchant network development and rebate tracking etc.

Q: How does Source/Help gather transaction data using the credit card rails and standard POS terminals?
A: Through our patented technology and exclusive agreements with associations, bank partners and processors, we have created the Universal Tracking Identification Number which is an information tracking system that delivers real time transaction data directly from the credit card rails. The process and procedures resemble the flow used by the major credit card companies. We also enjoy proprietary relationships with large affiliate networks where we receive transaction detail and transfer reports for in-house reconciliation.

Q: Does Source/Help able to track commerce and other information outside of the U.S.?
A: With rare exception, we can track information on a global scale using the vast international backbone of the credit card rails. Where POS connectivity reaches, we are there too.

Q: What level of transaction detail can Source/Help track?
A: Our system is broken into two parts where data is concerned. 1) Transaction detail from the POS terminal and 2) the information provided by the member which is program specific. We have the ability on a customizable relationship with a merchant to drill down to the SKU level where required. However on a standard contract, we provide the same information that your credit card company would receive is a similar transaction; city, zip, time, amount, merchant terminal ID, etc. The difference is we receive and can provide you with the information within minutes of the transaction!!!

Q: Does the daily volume of transactions or the size of the merchant affect the application of the technology?
A: No. Our systems are size agnostic. In fact we relish the opportunity of placing small mom and pop merchants into rNetwork.

Q: Do you only track payment cards that are registered?
A: No. rNetwork Universal Tracking Identification Number is attached to the person not the payment. Therefore, unlike registered cards that only track the payment card you use, we can receive transaction detail even where the consumer uses cash, check, debit, credit and even a gift cards.

Q: Do you only use plastic cards?
A: No. We can load the Universal Tracking Identification Number on any transmittal device whether a QR code, mag strip, NFC chip, RFID, mobile wallet or another yet to be conceived of device.

Q: Is Source/Help able to parse the data using a rules based systems and category segmentation or is the data lumped together in an aggregate format?
A: We provide administrative tools which empowers our users to manage the data according to predefined rules and parameters. This is true at various administrative levels, whether an LPO, merchant or member.

Q: What information is required from a merchant in order to join RNetwork
A: We provide a fully electronic and paperless merchant setup process. No banking information is required until AFTER a transaction occurs and referral fee is generated and then all of the merchant banking information is entered using a pass word protected merchant administrative management system.

Q: How soon after we sign an agreement will our program be launched?
A: Implementation times vary depending on the scope, complexity and benefits package selected of the program. However, most programs can be designed and launched within 30 to 60 days.

Q: How does a consumer become a registered member of a loyalty program?
A: Consumers can register several different ways depending on your program rules. Our Flagship product provides a hosted solution as well as an API solution complete with shopping cart integration and visitor page links. Our Software Development Kit will provide all of the details you will need to decide what the best options for your program.

Q: After a member transaction is cleared, processed and settled, how does the member receive their points?
A: We post all pending and paid transactions for viewing in the members pass word protected administrative portal. All of our points and other forms of loyalty are FDIC insured through custodial account arrangements held in sub accounts for the benefit of each Loyalty Program Operator(s) and its participants.

Q: Can members, merchants and Non Profits contact Source directly?
A: Yes, we welcome the opportunity to hear from the people we serve.