How it Works

Typically, unique identification numbers are only used in the payment industry. For example, you may have a credit card or a gift card or a prepaid debit card that utilize unique identification numbers to accomplish various financial transactions. A financial institution can create rules around the unique identification numbers to identify credit limits, remaining value on a stored card, etc. Our Universal Tracking Identification Number (“UNITIDN”) is used for tracking the person – not the payment – allowing us to create one of the most powerful tracking technologies available in the marketplace.

We can apply multiple business model rules using this technology that would cross over through several different industries; therefore, we are able to track prescription medication, barter transactions, loyalty transactions and tax transactions.

Basically, we have repurposed the credit card rails from being exclusively used for payment processing to information tracking. When a UNITIDN is attached to a device, mechanism, card or chip, it can be read on a merchants’ standard credit card terminal (without any change to the merchants’ equipment) to track the transaction.

Source is dedicated and commitment to providing security to your transaction data in a safe and secure enviroment. Source follows PCI/CISP compliant protocol even though it does not hold any consumer credit card numbers. The culture of our company centers on protecting consumer data.

Source makes it simple for you to manage your tracking system. We provide an end to end solution to help you navigate and track customer preferences and behavior.