About Source, Inc.

Values & Vision
Our vision is to produce a Universal Tracking Identification Number (“UNITIDN”) that is universally accepted on a global scale. By piecing together the core business assets of Source, Inc. in a unique way where our vast intellectual property connected to our powerful innovative technology and world class strategic partnerships thereby producing a powerful tool which transforms commerce worldwide.

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Strategic Partners

One of the most important strategic partnerships that we have is with MetaBank. Metabank provides general purpose debit and gift cards to about 1,000 credit unions that have over 10,000 branches.

Core Values

At Source, Inc. we live by our Values and Vision every day, at every level of the company. These principles are used as an active guide for our decisions - from the top down - and our results for our clients are the evidence of their successful integration into our program.

Help Worldwide Commitment


Living our word and promise and being what we say we are

Help Worldwide Character


Standing in commitment, even when it is difficult

Help Worldwide Discipline


Striving to be disciplined in turning away from distractions and re-engaging the commitment to our clients

Help Worldwide Gratitude


Create new ideas that enable us to provide industry-leading solutions through technology

Help Worldwide integrity


Being consistent in thought, word and deede

Help Worldwide Faith


Maintaining our course "The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"