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a universal currency

backed by commerce


When a consumer completes a transaction, some merchants reward the consumer with a token of appreciation in the form of points, miles, rewards, or rebates.

These tokens of appreciation are all forms of currency.

The business model is to globally implement a game-changing

“Universal Currency backed by Commerce” through the SOURCE Clearinghouse – a unique digital technology platform powered by Blockchain which intakes, clears, and settles transactions between competing loyalty programs. 



The primary function of the SOURCE Clearinghouse platform is the exchange of points, miles, rewards, and rebates into a Universal token backed by commerce which can be spent, swapped, or exchanged at the consumers discretion.


As a result of advancements in blockchain and smart contracts technology, SOURCE has secured new strategic relationships that will augment and/or replace SOURCE’s traditional transaction processing and that will revolutionize the loyalty industry and provide the platform for acceptance of its Universal Currency. 


SOURCE acquired control of a token company which fits perfectly into its’ business model as its’ transferable, decentralized credit card rewards point tokens run on the EOS Global Blockchain Network. These tokens are transferable between rewards programs, participating merchants, banks and compatible crypto wallets. Additionally, these tokens can be bought and sold on participating crypto exchanges and added to consumers participating rewards points programs. The bottom line is that these tokens are backed by a combination of cash, points, rewards, and rebates, making it the first truly fungible token in the market that is truly backed by world commerce. A participating consumer with loyalty program Rewards and with a registered e-wallet can convert, exchange, trade, or spend their token online or at participating POS merchants, peer-to-peer, or business-to-business. 

universal payment platform

An omni-channel payment platform that vertically integrates and provides never-before-seen connectivity to merchant POS devices, banking systems, VISA/Mastercard payment gateways, mass transit and utility payment systems, e-commerce portals, mobile payments, and virtually any type of digital transaction taking place anywhere in the world. This smart technology infrastructure is an essential foundation for any convergence of open payment systems (Visa/MC/Amex) and other closed systems (Smart Cities, Rapid Transit, Loyalty Programs – Starbucks, United Airlines et al, crypto currencies or other forms of value exchange Fiat). The Universal Payment Platform enables these tokens to be exchanged and used by virtually any existing payment mechanism.

conversion icon_bighdr.png

seamless conversion

Built within SOURCE Clearinghouse is an exchange algorithm which tracks the conversion rate of every currency for every merchant. For example, one merchants’ currency converts 1,000 points into $1.00; another merchant converts 500 miles into $1.00.


Commerce transactions are tracked by SOURCE Clearinghouse and conversion rates are applied resulting in a Universal token backed by commerce which is given back to the consumer.

P2P | B2B | B2C transfers

SOURCE’s technology allows other forms of rewards to be monetized with tokens and exchanged between consumers from one participant to another participant (P2P, B2B, B2C).


universal token

SOURCE has the technology available and ready for launch to allow the conversion of these backed currencies (points, miles, rewards, rebates) into various liquid currencies acceptable at any point of sale, anywhere in the world. The Universal token can be converted to dollars, yen, euros, pesos, and more.

Our technology platform enables the use of reimbursable and transferable reward points to incentivize citizens and businesses to make smarter and greener choices.

SOURCE has many companies interested in leveraging the power of the Clearinghouse platform with its Universal Payments Platform for the development of smart cities.  Other top technology companies that are defining and developing the smart city concept, see the tandem platform with loyalty incentives as the solution for data management, payment processing, system and infrastructure connectivity and changing consumer behavior to an eco-friendlier mindset.  

This SOURCE technology will enable the use of convertible, reimbursable and transferable Rewards to be used to incentivize citizens and businesses to make smarter and greener choices.  An example of this would be earning reward points for renting a city bicycle (as opposed to driving a car) and then through the payment platform being able to redeem these points to pay for a bus pass or utilities or they can be sent peer-to-peer to a friend or family member who can then use them to purchase a product or service online or at a POS merchant. By incentivizing smart city consumer behavior towards eco-friendly choices, SOURCE technology will provide a foundation of sustainability for smart city communities. 

smart city integration

Smart City Integration

Board of Directors


Richard G. Stewart, Jr.

Founder / Board Member

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RJ Stewart

Co-Founder / Board Member

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Brad Hanson

Board Member

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